Charlotte food bloggers share their go-to restaurants, favorite bites in the Carolinas

Gooey pizza cheese pulls. Decadent desserts. Vibrant bowls.

Charlotte’s local food bloggers have a passion for finding the city’s best bites. They’re the culinary voices whose “phones eat first.” They visit new restaurants so you can get a taste of what to expect and share tips for ordering eye-catching dishes that will both enlighten the palate and satisfy cravings. From comfort food to cocktails and everything in between, these local bloggers and foodie influencers know where to go.

So, who better to trust when taking a road trip in the Carolinas? Maybe you’re seeking time away and want to know

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You Can Learn Everything You Need To Know About A Person By Their Go-To Chinese Food Order

What does this graphic tell you? Three simple things:

1. Large is fancy as fuck. I have never heard of Szechuan string beans nor would I ever dream of ordering something green when getting Chinese food. But that’s our Large.

2. That Clem fella believes in playing nothing but the hits nothing but the hits nothing but the motherfucking hits. You know why? Because the hits are the hits because they are the best. Clem rules just like his order.

3. Joey Langone is an animal. He chose what is essentially a combo soup, went with a beef meal on

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