The 5 best dishes food critic Tan Vinh ate in Seattle and on the Eastside recently

The tea leaves seem to be telling us that we can expect more new restaurants and bars to open in Western Washington this spring, especially when the sun peeks out again. Already, we’ve had more than 50 new bar and restaurant openings this year, with another surge of ribbon cuttings to come. Where to even begin? Our roving restaurant critic Tan Vinh has already checked out many of the new bistros and bars that have recently opened. Check out his five favorite dishes he ate in recent weeks.

Lardo-wrapped pear ($12) at Bar Miriam

 307 W. McGraw St. (Queen

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The Chinese influence on global cuisines, and where to find the fusion dishes in Milwaukee

The classic Peruvian dish lomo saltado, like this version from C-viche restaurant in Bay View, essentially is a Chinese stir-fry.

The classic Peruvian dish lomo saltado, like this version from C-viche restaurant in Bay View, essentially is a Chinese stir-fry.

Adapting world cuisine to local taste buds feels like a modern way to cook, but it’s as old as immigration (and boredom with cooking the same old thing). It’s found wherever people landed to find work.

Take Chinese cuisine, for example.

Chinese laborers settling along the west coast of Mexico left their stamp in dishes such as fish zarandeado, which is marinated in soy sauce, butterflied and grilled. And border city Mexicali is known for its abundant Chinese restaurants that

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Which dishes to order and where to find them in metro Phoenix

The Lunar New Year starts on Tuesday, Feb. 1, and food plays a big part in the 15-day celebration. Certain foods are believed to bring good luck, wealth, health and longevity for the next year.

People of different cultures celebrate Lunar New Year, including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean communities. Some examples of auspicious foods in Chinese culture include whole fish, jiaozi dumplings, egg rolls, yi mein “long life” noodles and good-fortune fruit including oranges, pomegranates and other citrus.

Here are seven Chinese restaurants in Phoenix serving traditional foods to ring in Year of the Tiger.

Dig in: A Cantonese duck

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10 Best Spicy Dishes In Fast Food, Ranked On Heat & Flavor

For many a fast food lover out there, nothing trumps spice. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about chicken sandwiches, a cheeseburger, or simply a side dish — if you tell us it’s spicy, we’re probably going to order it. Spicy dishes add some much-needed excitement into the often bland world of fast food flavors, and a strong kick of heat goes a long way toward making your meal something to remember.

The best spicy food hits you with a rush of heat that then lingers on the palate. If the Scovilles are high enough, spice can

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