April 16, 2024


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Slow-roasted delicious: Barbecue styles, flavors abound in the Grand Valley | Entertainment

Happy Fourth of July weekend! In honor of this special time, I decided to focus on barbecue, which is particularly popular at social gatherings this time of year.

When I first proposed this topic, I didn’t realize the rabbit hole I was about go down while exploring barbecue places in the Grand Valley or even while looking at the definition or significance of the word barbecue.

“Barbecue” is the most common spelling of the word today. But why is it shortened to BBQ? Well, it turns out that it was originally spelled “barbeque.” The word originated in Spain from the word “barbacoa.” I also found there many different theories on this subject.

The more I researched, the more confusing the subject became since, basically, every culture in the world has some form of slow-roasted meat.

I enlisted the help of my family and friends to explore some of the numerous options for great barbecue in the valley. I had no idea how many restaurants and food trucks either specialize in barbecue or have items on their menus featuring barbecue.

There are so many different styles and flavors, and everyone has their favorites. I decided we were going to sample a large variety and help support local businesses.

Did you know there are two Hawaiian restaurants in town with barbecue on the menu?

My family tried Tropix Hawaiian BBQ. The Hawaiian barbecue mix features beef, short ribs and chicken and it comes with rice and macaroni salad. The menu features quite an assortment of tasty food for everyone.

Kuniko’s Teriyaki Grill and Ginger Oriental Restaurant feature yummy Japanese and Chinese versions of barbecue.

If there are any traditional Korean barbecue restaurants in the area, I couldn’t find them. But please, let me know where the closest one is located. Korean barbecue is a fun, communal experience and offers more vegetarian options than most other barbecue restaurants.

My family also explored various barbecue food trucks, including Snooks Bottom Barbecue. The man in line in front of me said it was the best he has ever had.

Online reviews also raved about Colorado Q, and I’ve seen other barbecue food trucks around town. Some of them are available for catering, too.

For something totally unique, the beach volleyball and barbecue restaurant Volleys sounds like a great time, and I look forward to trying it in the future.

Another fun option is The High Plains Drifter pizza that my family tried at Pablo’s Pizza. It features a homemade barbecue sauce and marinated chicken. (And I couldn’t help myself, I had to try Pablo’s new Brie-Yonce pizza. It had nothing to do with barbecue, but it was delicious!)

Over the years, my family has been huge fans of Rib City Grill and loves the ribs, pork platter, chicken and sliced pork sandwich.

And finally, during this barbecue adventure we tried Golosas Mexican restaurant and store. I was searching for delicious barbacoa and found it there.

The beef was rich and cooked to perfection. Golosas even included two corn tortillas with each taco to hold the generous amount of beef barbacoa.

Golosas has a large menu, and the chile relleno was one of the best I’ve ever tried. We will definitely be going back.

After all the barbecue sampling during past few weeks, my family is definitely looking forward to not having any this weekend!

But it is wonderful to know all this delicious food and these restaurants and food trucks are in the Grand Valley. And this is just a small sampling of them.

There are more large chains, food trucks and independent restaurants to try, and I am hopeful you will enjoy their many varieties of barbecue.