June 24, 2024


World's finest Food

Potter Village getting new Asian Buffet that fuses Asian and American cuisine

Tyler Liu, manager at Asian Buffet that will open Oct. 14 in Fremont, says the restaurant will offer a hibachi grill, which is a popular staple at the grill in Tiffin and was a must for Fremont.

Potter Village will soon carry the smells of a fusion of Japanese, Chinese and American cuisine with the return of a buffet.

Asian Buffet, 1114 Oak Harbor Road, will take over the former Wang’s and Xian’s Buffet at the shopping complex, with a lofty goal of offering all types of food along with healthy options in a buffet style.

Manager Tyler Liu is bringing the buffet concept of the Tiffin restaurant to Fremont after Fremont residents visited his Asian Grill Buffet location.

The new Asian Buffet in Fremont will open Oct. 14.

A buffet 200 items strong

“We’re going to try some new stuff, we’re going to try different items,” Liu said. “We can hold over 200 items (on the buffet).”