July 17, 2024


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OBB Freezer Meal Guidebook – Our Best Bites

OBB Freezer Meal Guidebook – Our Best Bites

If you follow us on social media (Sara is here and I’m here) or are a member of our Facebook group, you have probably heard about our freezer meal guidebook that we’ve been hard at work on!   You can get your copy, here!

screenshot of freezer meal guide book

So most of you know that I started teaching middle school last fall. Then this fall, I started grad school to get my Master’s. With a junior and freshman in high school who have a busy extracurricular schedule and a 4th grader who also feels like he needs to do ALL THE THINGS, I have never felt more strapped for time and energy. The mental energy it takes to make dinner every night, let alone the time and physical energy, is just not there more often than it is there.

I cooked my way through this book in a couple hours one weekend and I had 10 meals ready to go. And if you’re worried you’ll lose the instructions, each recipe comes with a printable resource that goes into the freezer with the recipe so you’ll know exactly what to do each time you pull something out of our freezer. This is a screenshot of some feedback we got from one of our testers:

freezer meals

Not only do we have those 10 key dinners, but there are also extras; we have recipes for meats frozen in marinades, so they’ll marinate while the meat thaws.

meat marinading in bags from our best bites

We have desserts ready to go at a moment’s notice. strawberry cheesecake ice creamWe have prep tips and materials that will ensure you have a successful freezer meal experience. Whether you’re expecting a baby, working 9-5, in the throes of little kid-hood or teenageness, or blissfully empty nesting, this resource will help keep dinnertime on track.

Grab your copy right here!