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Minogin’s Indian Tacos | Food

By Lynda Wheatley | June 19, 2021

Did you ever stop to think how weird it is that, no matter what your ethnicity, you probably eat far more Italian, French, Polish, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, or just about any food from far away countries than you do the food of your own country? We’re not talking about hot dogs and apple pie. We’re talking about the original American eats, like Manoomin (wild rice) and berries, whitefish, wild ramps, and maple sugar candies — all of which you can find at Minogin Market, the nonprofit food hub in Mackinaw City. As well as local and traditional Native American vegetables, fish, food products, maple syrup, arts, the business incubator boasts a cookhouse whose rotating menu fuses local and cross-country Native American specialties. One to try: Mary Powell’s famed Indian Tacos made with bison, served on soft, rich, melt-in-your-mouth fry bed with all the fixins. We love it paired with Minogin’s Iced Tea that’s sweetened in true North style, with maple rather than sugar. Eating lighter? Try to catch the Whitefish and Manoomin Salad with an Iced Hibiscus Tea. Keep tabs on the ever-updating menu by searching “Minogin Market” on Facebook, or treat yourself to a multitude of scrumptious surprises simply by showing at to shop and eat at 229 S. Huron Ave., in Mackinaw City. (231) 427-7001, www.ziibimijwang.com