June 24, 2024


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Ido Fishman Lists Ethics for Running a Restaurant

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As time goes by, the food business from around the world has been gaining a lot of attention and has become very trendy. There are many people from around the world who have started opening up their own restaurants as well as chefs who once worked at other people’s restaurants and have decided to start their own ventures.

However, not every restaurant is fortunate enough to find success and keep running its operations for a long time. This is because many people consider running restaurants to be a piece of cake or something that does not require any work. That is where the restaurant owners make the biggest mistake but similar to every other business, restaurants also require a lot of knowledge, information, ethics, and discipline.

Ido Fishman’s Experience in Running Restaurants

One of the world renowned personalities “Ido Fishman Chef” has laid things out for such people in a very elegant and precise manner. Fishman has done this to ensure that people get to learn and know more about running restaurants as well as things they need to know about the ethics of restaurants.

Clean Environment

Ido Fishman states that one of the most critical and basic rules for running a restaurant is to keep it very clean and tidy. There should not be a single corner in the restaurant, inside or outside that should look dirty or unclean. Always remember that it is not the food that people judge a restaurant by but they judge from the cleanliness they witness around and inside the restaurant.

In my personal experience, there have been several instances where I knew that a restaurant served the best food but the restaurant was not kept as clean as it should have been so I still do not go there. So make sure that every part of the restaurant is neat and clean so the customers can have a very good experience while sitting there. The cleanliness in a restaurant also helps a lot in enhancing the ambiance of the restaurant so make sure this part is covered.

Food Choices

There are many restaurants that have an enormous number of food items on their menus. Although it is good to challenge the restaurants to make for themselves by offering a lot of food items, yet such menus can be very overwhelming for them. Most of the time, people end up ordering something that is not their specialty at all because they were not able to decide due to having so many items.

Therefore, keep the menu as simple as possible but offer as much as you can while keeping it that way.

Take Care of Your Employees

Another very important thing to keep in mind when running a restaurant is to have good knowledge about the surroundings as to how early they open and for how long they remain open. So bearing this in mind, you can set the opening/closing times for your restaurant and adjust your employees’ timings accordingly.

You need to be very careful about setting up their shifts as they are humans as well and in order for them to perform well, they need to be fresh and healthy. So make sure that they are not only kept under close check but their needs are catered as well. Keep a close eye on the restaurant manager who has the authority to mingle with the shifts of the employees, which can result in complaints and uncalled-for disasters.

Use Fresh Products and Prepare Food Properly

Another very crucial part of running a restaurant is to ensure that the food products used for preparing meals for the customers are fresh and not expired. Several restaurants get revoked of their licenses just because they never bothered looking at the expiration of the items that led to a customer suffering from minor or major food poisoning.

On the other hand, you also need to ensure that the chefs have all the necessary items, utensils, and appliances they need to execute a perfect meal. This ensures that the restaurant is providing customers with well-prepared meals so the customers are always happy and keep coming back.