June 13, 2024


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Food fight results in friendship’s bitter end | Advice

DEAR ABBY: When a friend of mine “makes dinner” for invited guests, it’s either takeout Chinese food or delivered pizza. Frankly, I am sick of it. Last Thanksgiving, they invited me and several others over for dinner. You guessed it! Chinese food. I told my friend I was surprised and not in the mood for Chinese food, offered my apologies and left. We didn’t talk for four months.

This past year I was again invited to Thanksgiving dinner. I declined and, when asked why, said, “I’m sick and tired of what is being offered.” The response was, “Then I guess I’ll stop inviting you. And I don’t need your friendship.” I replied, “Glad we are on the same page!”

Abby, this “friend” knows how to cook and could certainly order something different. Was I out of line? I have no regrets the friendship has ended.


DEAR FED UP: When someone accepts an invitation to someone’s home, rather than criticize the menu, they should be grateful for the hospitality being extended. Were you out of line? The way you phrased your reason for declining was rude. You could have inquired about the menu and asked if you could bring something more “traditional.” It’s fortunate you have no regrets that your relationship with your former host has ended. I’m pretty sure the feelings are mutual.

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