May 21, 2024


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Enhancing Beer with the use of Purees

How to Add Fruit to Beer - American Homebrewers Association

Hop Havoc has been a leader in the craft beer industry supplying brewers with fruit purees to enhance beer flavor and smell. Fruit puree flavors in beer are becoming more popular, offering a unique and delicious way to add natural fruit sweetness and vibrant essence to your favorite brews. When brewing with fruit purees, beer can be taken to a whole new level of complexity and enjoyment.

What are Fruit Purees?

Using fruit purees for brewing adds a stronger and more genuine fruit taste to beer, compared to using whole fruits or artificial flavors. Fruit purees are real fruit that has been blended and strained to create a smooth and concentrated mixture for adding to the brewing process. This creates a beer with a strong fruity flavor, offering a richer and more enjoyable drinking experience.

Complexity and Depth

Beer flavor enhancement is a key aspect of using purees in brewing. Purees enhance the beer’s taste with delicious fruit flavors and add complexity and depth to its overall flavor profile. In beer recipes, fruits contribute distinct flavors, each puree offering its own unique characteristics. Whether you’re looking for a zesty burst of citrus, a sweet and tangy berry flavor, or a tropical infusion of pineapple and mango, purees can help you achieve the perfect flavor profile.


One of the most exciting things about using purees in brewing is the aroma-infused beer that results from the process. Just as the fruit flavor shines through, so too does the aroma, creating a bright and unique sensory experience. The aroma of a beer is crucial to fully savoring its flavor. The perfect combination of scents can truly enhance the beer-drinking experience. Purees in brewing can help you achieve a beer that not only tastes amazing but also smells incredible.


Hop Havoc is a top company in the craft beer industry. They are known for supplying brewers with high-quality fruit purees to create exceptional and unique beer recipes. You can try classic flavors like raspberry and peach or more exotic options like guava and passion fruit.

Cheers to inspiring beer recipes and a world of delicious possibilities!