June 19, 2024


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D.C. jail ordered to feed organic food to Capitol rioter Jake Angeli

A federal judge ordered a D.C. correctional facility to feed an all-organic diet to the Phoenix man who took part in the raid on the U.S. Capitol with a painted face and a fur hat with horns, in keeping with his professed religion as a shaman.

Jake Angeli had gone without food for nine days, his attorney told the court in a Wednesday hearing, because the D.C. Department of Corrections had refused Angeli’s request to be fed all organic food.

In an emergency court filing on Wednesday, Albert Watkins, the St. Louis attorney representing Angeli, said that his client had lost 20 pounds while in custody.

Angeli, in a handwritten note to the D.C. facility requesting an all-organic diet, said he was a shaman who was willing to suffer rather than modify his beliefs.