May 21, 2024


World's finest Food

A creative approach might help your product taste better

As consumers, we’re besieged with puffery.

Brands shout at us, boasting they have New York’s No. 1 pizza, the world’s best coffee, America’s favorite car, or the best blue jeans in the universe.

But these hollow claims fall flat with our exceptionally well-developed BS detectors.

In sharp contrast, one creative restaurateur took the opposite approach.

The owner of Aunt Dai’s Chinese Restaurant in Montreal prefers a more brutally honest approach. Listed next to each item on the menu are “owner’s comments,” serving up transparency that will make you chuckle. Here are some of my favorites:

Josh Linkner is a tech entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker.

Sweet and Spicy Pork Strips: “I am not a huge fan of our version of this dish, to be honest.”

Orange Beef: “Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not that good.”

Black Pepper Chicken: “Don’t let the name fool you, this one is NOT authentic Chinese food. True story, one customer got really mad because it’s not so Chinese.”