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25+ Cooking Gift Ideas – NatashasKitchen.com

25+ Cooking Gift Ideas – NatashasKitchen.com

Our readers are always asking us about our favorite, go-to kitchen tools, and below is a roundup of our top 25 favorite cooking tools which make amazing cooking gifts, from my Coffee Maker to my handy food scraper that shows up in every video. These are also the Best Sellers from our Amazon Affiliate Shop.

If you have someone on your list who is a foodie, or even just needs to cook to survive, you’ll find something here for every cook on your list.

25+ Cooking Gift Ideas – NatashasKitchen.com

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Cooking Gift Ideas

Cooking tools are one of my favorite things to gift, here’s why:

  • Practical gifts – Just about everyone has a kitchen
  • Helpful – Great cooking tools make life easier and save time in the kitchen and we can all appreciate that!
  • Stocking Stuffers – many kitchen tools are small and easily stuffed into a stocking.

Kitchen Gadgets make the Best Gifts!

These are our most-used, most-loved kitchen tools that we use regularly. We love them because they are great quality while being reasonably priced. We’ve tested a variety of products over the years and these have stood the test of time and they make cooking easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Ice Cream Scoop – this is a commercial-quality scoop and the color is lovely. It’s so easy to find in a drawer among a sea of black and grey tools.

ice cream scoop

Garlic Press – For when I don’t have time to chop garlic, this garlic press is one of my most-used tools. After 5+ years of heavy use, I finally replaced it with a new one (exactly the same one).

garlic press

Citrus Juicer – Makes juicing lemons and limes a breeze for all of the Ceviche that we enjoy around here.

citrus juicer gift

Measuring Spoons – These are my go-to measuring spoons because they are space-saving and so versatile with the narrow spoon that fits into a spice jar.

measuring spoons gift

Measuring Cups – These are easy to store and easy to wash. I have two sets now because I use them so often.

measuring cups

Flexible Spatula – this is our favorite spatula for practically everything (and it makes turning Omelettes so easy!)

flexible spatula

Food Scraper – this makes prep faster and more efficient. It’s like having an extra hand in the kitchen.

food scraper

Box Grater – often an under-appreciated tool, but a good one will be easier to use.

box grater gift idea

Salad Spinner – if you love salads, this is a huge time saver, and no more soggy-wet salads!

salad spinner for the kitchen

Knife Block Set – This is the biggest splurge in this category but it’s critical to have a good knife set. It makes cooking so much easier and faster. It’s also nicer on your hands if the knife is designed well.

Knife block set gift idea

Cookware Gifts for the Home Cook

Cast Iron Pan – this pan is so versatile for making Dutch Baby Pancakes to perfect Pan-Seared Steak.

cast iron pan

Hexclad – these pans are a splurge but they are a good alternative to non-stick pans. They have served us well and don’t have Teflon which I feel good about. However, I still do love my coated non-stick crepe pan just specifically for crepes.

hexclad skillet

Dutch Oven – we now have this in 3 different colors (red, white, and blue). I always have one on the stove because it’s decorative and useful.

blue dutch oven pot

9″ Round Cake Pans – a set of 2 is ideal for making layered cakes like our Red Velvet Cake.

cake pan

9″ Springform Pan – perfect for making a Classic Cheesecake.

springform pan

Rolling Pin – this French rolling pin has a great pressure distribution for even rolling of pie dough. It’s so beautiful in its simplicity.

rolling pin

Cupcake Pan – we love a good non-stick cupcake pan for everything from Vanilla Cupcakes to Mini Cheesecakes.

cupcake pan

Small Appliance Gifts

If you’re looking to invest a little more on a gift, these are the small appliances that we use and love in our kitchen.

Coffee Maker – We love the coffee maker from Zwilling. The coffee maker makes the best drip coffee (pair it with our Homemade Coffee Creamer). I also recommend getting the coffee grinder which portions coffee grounds perfectly (takes the guesswork out of the equation), plus the milk frother creates a creamy foam that looks and tastes like a cup of coffee from a coffee shop.

coffee maker

Air Fryer – this cuts baking time in half. Find all of our Air Fryer Recipes Here.

air fryer

Instant Pot – this little pressure cooker is small but awesome in how much time it saves. It makes the best Chicken Stock and all of our Instant Pot Recipes.

instant pot

Food Processor – I love the large capacity of this food processor. We use it for everything from blending Roasted Salsa to shredding cheese for Homemade Pizza.

food processor

Espresso Machine – The Jura S8 Espresso Machine is the ultimate splurge. For my husband and I, this espresso machine has become like a member of the family. It is fully automated and makes a variety of espresso drinks. We have loved this machine for a couple of years now and once you have one, it’s hard to go back to a coffee shop because your coffee is better at home. We use this to make Affogato.

espresso machine

Gifts for Entertaining (for the Host)

Dinnerware – this Staub dinnerware set is new for us this year, but they are perfect for every occasion. They’re so simple and chic.

dinnerware set  gift idea

Steak Knife Set – these always feel so fancy when I get to take them out for entertaining company. They’re shiny and feel special.

steak knives in gift box

Carving Set – this is perfect for carving the Thanksgiving Turkey or the Prime Rib Roast.

carving set

Silverware – these look so beautiful on the holiday table but we also use this as our everyday silverware set.

silverware set

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas to all of our readers, friends, and family. If you’re looking for more Cooking Gift Ideas, check out our full kitchen tools collection on our Amazon Shop.