Month: July 2020

30 Sneaky Ways Restaurants Trick You Into Spending More Money

There are a lot of ways you could describe dining out, but “psychological warfare” probably isn’t the phrase that springs to mind. In truth, it’s not a bad metaphor for the barrage of techniques restaurants use to coax a few extra dollars out of you. Restaurants have a number of ways that will have you leaving with a wallet that is more empty than your stomach is full.

Last updated: Jan. 31, 2020

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Asian Snacks Are More Popular Than Ever In America. Here’s What That Says About Asian-Americans

Six years ago, Ezaki Glico, the Japanese maker of Pocky, announced plans for world domination via its chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. It made it a goal to make $1 billion in overseas annual sales by 2020, a milestone that no Asian snack brand has yet achieved. Even though its 2019 sales were only a little over $500 million, its upward trajectory was remarkable. Glico’s U.S. subsidiary had around $20 million in sales in 2015. Last year, it had $64 million.

The U.S. snacks market is the biggest in the world, dominated by domestic behemoths like Hershey’s and Mars. But

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Junzi Kitchen Is The Chinese Fast-Casual Restaurant You Need To Try

Prior to this whole quarantine ordeal, you could normally catch me at a fast-casual restaurant a few times a week. From Panera Bread and Cosi to Dos Toros and Chipotle, I’m always in the mood for a quick and tasty meal that won’t break the bank. Living in NYC, that is usually hard to come find. However, I’ve never seen the fast-casual concept come to life for Chinese cuisine until I discovered Junzi Kitchen.

What Is Junzi Kitchen?

Junzi Kitchen, derived from what Chinese philosophy calls pursuit, is dedicated to creating the best authentic Chinese food using healthy and seasonal

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