May 28, 2024


World's finest Food

111 Bistro tantalizes taste buds with creative combinations

The ahi tuna appetizer at 111 Bistro is paired with Napa cabbage kimchi and Chinese black rice.

Sophisticated food in surprisingly creative flavor combinations, paired with a comfortable, casual-chic environment, make for a great date night at 111 Bistro.

My husband and I sat in a comfortable back booth Friday evening in this spacious Montville Township restaurant for dinner, where low lighting creates a romantic atmosphere. Some of our foodie friends have praised this chef-owned restaurant over the years, and we were excited to try it.

Chef Anthony Scolaro and his business partner, Meghan O’Donnell, opened the restaurant in 2014, changing the menu with the seasons. His goal is to expand diners’ palates by pushing the boundaries of what they might be comfortable with, introducing ingredients you might not see on anyone else’s menu in the area.

Scolaro, 36, who grew up with the delicious, traditional Italian cuisine of his grandfather in North Royalton, likes to take traditional dishes and elevate them. For example, you won’t find veal, pork or beef in his bolognese dish. Instead, he makes it with lamb, topped with fresh mint instead of basil.

Chef Anthony Scolaro works in the open kitchen Friday at 111 Bistro in Montville Township.

The chef created his spring menu two weeks before our visit. During the downturn in business from the pandemic, he’s streamlined his entrees to 10 choices, down from twice as many. The effect, he said, is a more efficient operation and the ability to change his smaller menu more frequently.

The most popular dishes at 111 Bistro include the pork chop with chili brine, corn-poblano farrotto, hot honey-cilantro chimichurri and queso fresco; Wagyu coulotte steak, the American version of Kobe beef; and the stuffed pepper starter with Poblano, chorizo, mole, queso fresco and cilantro.