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Snap2Save’s Healthy Food Incentive Redemptions Reach New Levels

DENVER, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the first quarter of 2022, healthy food incentive program redemptions, supported by Snap2Save’s technology, exceeded $100,000, and total redemptions since program inception have now passed $400,000. While this increase sadly demonstrates that many Americans continue to struggle with food insecurity, it shows that valuable food incentive programs, enabled by Snap2Save, are continuing to make a difference and reach families in need.

Save Money. Live Healthy.

Snap2Save’s technology automates healthy food incentive programs, lowering costs and allowing for greater expansion. Snap2Save currently supports two applications.

The first application helps grocers better

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How a chef is using food to heal Buffalo: “Food is love and food is what brings people together”

The city of Buffalo is trying to return to normal following last week’s mass shooting at a Tops Supermarket that killed 10 Black people. 

There to help the city heal is Chef Darian Bryan. He opened up a pop-up restaurant in the area, with funds going towards helping the families of the victims. 

“These folks are hurting so I’m like you know what, food is love and food is what brings people together, and I’m so grateful that I can put a smile on these folks’ faces,” he told CBS News. 

Bryan is originally from Jamaica, but is a staple

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Roasted Asparagus with Red Peppers

Roasted Asparagus with Red Peppers is sweet, tender, and melts in your mouth as the flavors caramelize in the oven.

Roasted asparagus with red peppers.

Do you love roasted red peppers as much as I do? Sweet, tender, and packed with vitamins, they are a perfect addition to pizzas, salads, and antipasto platters. I love pairing red peppers with plenty of roasted veggies, but a favorite is Roasted Asparagus with Red Peppers. It’s the perfect side dish to any dinner item.


  • Red pepper: Of all the bell peppers, red peppers are the sweetest and as I’ve mentioned, roast to be super tender.
  • Asparagus: Earthy
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On the strawberry patch: Healthy life starts with healthy food

Good health starts with good nutrition.

So many factors affect your health over your lifetime. Genetics, socioeconomic status, education, trauma and luck can all make a huge impact on how well your body functions. But if you make great food choices, you can give yourself the best possible chance to live a long life, no matter how your circumstances might change.

A recent snapshot of health care in Alaska showed approximately 18.5% of the population received their health care through Medicaid or CHIP. These programs are essential to provide our neighbors who are affected by poverty or disability with necessary

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