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Burger King Menu Adds a Beloved Topping for Spring

As the weather warms and winter crawls back into the shadows, we’re all daydreaming about changing into t-shirts and shorts, warm days by the pool, and the tantalizing scent of summer barbeques.

Our tastes change too, shifting from heavier comfort foods to keep us warm in cold months to lighter, cooler meals like salads and fruits. It’s bathing suit season, after all, and we want to look our best.

Businesses across many different sectors know this and aim to cater to our seasonal moods, especially retail giants like Target  (TGT) – Get Target Corporation Report and Walmart  (

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Need a Quick Bite Pre or Postride? Try One of These 10 Healthy Fast Food Options

Photo credit: Stanislaw Pytel - Getty Images

Photo credit: Stanislaw Pytel – Getty Images

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As a cyclist, you know you need a well-balanced diet to fuel your hard workouts and long rides. And while fast food might not be your go-to for fueling up, you can actually find plenty of healthy fast food to pick up in a pinch, whether you need some grub preride or post.

Fast-food restaurants haven’t always been known to have healthy options. Multiple
studies confirm the correlation between weekly consumption of fast food and weight

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Why trying to provide your family with ‘healthy’ food could be bad for them

Families are striving to eat more healthily – but it isn’t as easy as it should be, with ‘ultra-processed foods’ often presented as healthy options.

THE piles of multicoloured packets, boxes and bags in Amanda Duddridge’s weekly supermarket shop are typical of most modern families, with frozen pizzas, crisps, squash, flavoured yoghurts, breakfast cereals and cakes.

Like many parents, Amanda (36) really wants her family to eat healthily – the teaching assistant and her partner Grafton (38), a customer service adviser, have two daughters, Esmee (8) and Elvie (3).

So Amanda stocks up on

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Parents reveal why they dread mealtimes as they struggle to keep kids happy with healthy food

PARENTS dread family mealtimes – here’s why they struggle to keep fussy eaters happy.

Sitting down to dinner with everyone is a “stressful” experience, according to 35 per cent of mums and dads.

More than half of all parents struggle to get their children eating a healthy balance


More than half of all parents struggle to get their children eating a healthy balanceCredit: Getty

Tea time is made tricky when kids won’t finish their meal, refuse to stay at the table for long, and complain about the food on offer. So much so, that 41% of parents struggle to enjoy their own meal.

One in six even prefer to serve the children first

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