Elizabeth W. Jernigan

7 ways to spend less on food when you’re trying to eat healthy

With grocery prices rising, you may be trying to save money on food. Buying store brands instead of pricier name brands seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes the savings come at a nutritional cost, making it an unhealthy tradeoff. In some cases, brand-name foods are worth the splurge, but there are plenty of other ways to stretch your food dollars without compromising on healthy eating. Here are seven tips to help you spend less on food.

Plan ahead

Meal planning might sound daunting, but without a plan, you may unintentionally buy ingredients that you won’t use, wasting both

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20 Healthy Chicken Marinades for Grilling

If it’s grilled chicken breasts, thighs or drumsticks here is a collection of twenty recipes using healthy chicken marinades.

TLB chicken marinades for grilling season

Summer is almost here off and that means grilling season is in high gear. Whether you’re hosting a party for the 4th of July holiday or just looking for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, I’ve got 20 healthy chicken marinades to keep you grilling all season long.

Making Chicken MarinadeS

Making a Chicken Marinade is pretty easy and saves you money by avoiding the store bought options which normally contain various preservatives. There are normally just a few key ingredients

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