LA’s New Street Food Star Serves One Thing: Suckling Pig Tacos

Many of Mexico’s most coveted tacos feature pork, from carnitas and cochinita pibil to the various tacos de trompo. There’s tacos árabes from Puebla, adobada from Baja California, tacos de trompo out of Nuevo León, and the nearly ever-present al pastor, with deep roots in Mexico City and many other Mexican states. Much the same is true in Los Angeles, which makes a new type of pork taco contender here in Southern California all the more rare, indeed.

Suckling pig tacos, featuring whole roasted young pigs, are a rare delight even in Mexico, only found as a common dish in

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MI SU Street Food’s ‘eclectic and fun’ Mexican fusion menu debuts downtown

Only good things can come from a business built on a foundation of freshly made flour tortillas. 

MI SU Street Food doesn’t literally have tortillas for tires, but owners Alden and Hylene Garcia build a lot of their out-of-the-box, Mexican-style menu items around their authentic, homemade tortillas. 

“We knew fresh tortillas was something missing in Pensacola,” Alden Garcia said. “Our LLC name is literally ‘One Taco At A Time,’ so we’re trying to keep one taco on the menu at all times. And we’ll have a breakfast taco on it daily, too.” 

Alden Garcia said some of his recipes are

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Office para street food vendors cheer up as pre-lockdown regulars return | Kolkata News

After enduring losses and uncertainty for months of lockdown, street food vendors around office areas in Kolkata are finally heaving a sigh of relief. Though business is not back to what it was in the “old normal”, they are happy to see almost 60% of their regular customers come back. Raju Yadav, who owns a tea shop beside Nazrul Tirtha, Rajarhat, said, “I had inherited this shop from my uncle more than a decade ago. He used to tell me that when times are tough, patience and a cool mind help us navigate through our problems. That is the mantra
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New Report Outlines Impact of COVID-19 on NYC’s Street Food Vendors

Ahead of a City Council vote tomorrow to significantly add to the number of street vendor permits in the city, a new report outlines the disproportionate impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on New York City’s street vending community, a majority of whom are immigrants, and people of color.

The report focuses on two separate periods during the course of the pandemic last year: April 2020, when cases and deaths were peaking in the city and businesses and vendors faced the most amount of restrictions; and in June 2020, when restrictions had been eased significantly.

Despite street vendors being categorized as

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