Great food options to try around the new Northgate and Roosevelt light-rail stations

The three new light-rail stations opening this weekend in Northgate, Roosevelt and the University District will change the way many people living in North Seattle will move around the city. And let’s be honest, though we’d love to have the time for weeknight excursions to our favorite restaurants around Seattle, most of the time, we just stick to what’s convenient: the spots near where we live or on our commutes.

With many of us in North Seattle likely passing through these stations on our new routes through the city, we will need to find new places to eat nearby.

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8 Home Improvement Ideas To Revive The Great Point About Your House

A home equity loan permits you to borrow towards the fairness you’ve constructed up in your home. Your equity is calculated by assessing your home’s worth and subtracting the excellent stability due in your existing mortgage mortgage. And these loans are backed by the federal government, which means you’ll get particular advantages — like a low down fee, and the power to use with less-than-perfect credit score. FHA 203 rehab loans are great when you’re shopping for a fixer-upper and know you’ll need financing for home improvement tasks quickly. For example, let’s say you had 20 years left on your … Read More

Who is Great British Menu 2021 judge Rachel Khoo?

Rachel Khoo is a brand new face to BBC Two’s Great British Menu, joining co-stars Oliver Peyton and Matthew Fort to judge an array of dishes.

In her illustrious career as a chef, Khoo spends her time cooking up delicious feasts, from roast dinners to French pastries.

Rachel Khoo is a brand new face to BBC Two's Great British Menu


Rachel Khoo is a brand new face to BBC Two’s Great British MenuCredit: PA

Who is Great British Menu 2021 judge Rachel Khoo?

Rachel Khoo is a TV producer, presenter and writer, famed for her fusion cookery.

Her classical French cooking displays influences of her Malay-Chinese-Austrian heritage.

The talented pastry chef

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Where to go for great street food in the neighbourhood

a bowl of food sitting on top of a wooden table

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If you’re looking for some OG street food, you’ll never go wrong with Geylang. The area gets a bad rap for the unadventurous. After all, as Singapore’s most prominent red-light district, it’s easy to make a wrong turn into a sleazy alleyway. Yet, those familiar with the area will be able to meander their way through the best dining gems in the neighbourhood. Apart from classic Cantonesezi char plates, the locale also sees some interesting dishes including the divisive Frog Porridge. Read on for all our favourites.

Sik Bao Sin

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