Month: July 2021

Meet Andre Chiang, the celebrity chef who gave up his Michelin stars in Singapore and moved back to Taiwan to train the next generation of chefs

Chef Andre Chiang laughing in the kitchen of his Singapore restaurant

Chiang in the kitchen of Restaurant Andre. Courtesy Netflix

  • André Chiang is the only Chinese-born chef listed in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants.

  • His Netflix film, “André and His Olive Tree,” is the top-grossing documentary in Taiwan for 2021.

  • He’s now devoting himself to shaping the next generation of young chefs in Taiwan.

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At Restaurant André in Singapore, nothing was left to chance, and nothing was out of place.

The menus were hardback novels inscribed with Chef Chiang’s sketches. Chairs were placed at a perfect 45-degree angle to the table. Dishes were presented

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Slow-roasted delicious: Barbecue styles, flavors abound in the Grand Valley | Entertainment

Happy Fourth of July weekend! In honor of this special time, I decided to focus on barbecue, which is particularly popular at social gatherings this time of year.

When I first proposed this topic, I didn’t realize the rabbit hole I was about go down while exploring barbecue places in the Grand Valley or even while looking at the definition or significance of the word barbecue.

“Barbecue” is the most common spelling of the word today. But why is it shortened to BBQ? Well, it turns out that it was originally spelled “barbeque.” The word originated in Spain from the

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Restaurateur Tse Wei Lim has his own version of Singapore’s unofficial national dish

Restaurateur Tse Wei Lim of Cambridge.
Restaurateur Tse Wei Lim of Cambridge.handout

Almost every family in Singapore has a version of Hainanese Chicken Rice, a dish of gingery poultry with aromatic jasmine rice, the country’s unofficial national dish made popular by its Chinese immigrants.

Restaurateur Tse Wei Lim of Cambridge, whose family settled in Singapore from the city of Chaozhou in eastern China, has his own interpretation of the specialty. Lim came to the United States in 1998 to go to Harvard. While he was here, he was wowed by the seasonality of food, a stark contrast to urban Singapore, an island nation in Southeast

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Once popular fast food chains nobody will eat at again

Today, you can find McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell restaurants everywhere but 50 years ago, the places where we went for quick, value meals were very different. These are the major fast food brands that have now vanished.

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